Finland Certificate (Android App)

Finland Certificate (Android App)


Put your knowledge about Finland to the test with our entertaining quiz app. This app contains 5 different levels of difficulty with over 1000 questions about Finland.

If you think you already know Finland well, you might be surprised with some of the questions and answers.

After you master a level of difficulty, you will receive your own personalized Finland Certificate with your name on it to download.

In order to pass a level, you have to answer at least 90% of the questions correctly. Are you ready for this challenge?


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Little Seahorse: The beginner level for Finland Newbies, who want to learn more about the culture, nature, language and interesting facts about the country of a 1000 lakes.
Ringed Seal: You already know some things about Finland, but there is so much more to discover and learn. You are on the right path.
Swamp Football Player: The most important things about Finland are familiar to you and your enthusiasm for Finland is clearly shown. You are on your way to become a Finland Master.
Air Guitar Champion: You definitely are not a Newbie when it comes to Finland and you seem to be able to answer most of the questions without any difficulty. You can almost taste the win of being a Finland Expert.
Ice Hole Diver: This is how winners look! You can be proud of yourself for getting this far. You have every right to call yourself a Finland Expert from now on.

Interested? Download the Finland Certificate App for free on Google Play Store.
You can download it on your android device (smartphone or tablet) in Google Play Store under
Finland Certificate or Profiteam.